Welcome to Cycle Touring Europe.  As the name suggests this site is a guide to cycling in Europe based on my own knowledge and experience.  When planning my own 3 month tour of Europe I found it very hard to gather information about certain aspects of my trip.  After a fantastic journey I discovered cycle touring was definitely the way to travel.  Since then I have created this website as I felt that the information I had gathered in planning and undertaking a trip should be shared so that hopefully other people can enjoy a cycle tour of Europe as I enjoyed mine.

Use the ‘Archive’ section to explore the content on the site and please leave any comments on topics, I would love to hear peoples opinions on what I write about.  The information on this site will be correct to the best of my knowledge, remember to check the dates of posts as things do change, it is just a hobby project.

Before, I leave you to explore the site remember this…  As you are planning your trip into Europe be aware that you do not need to know every little detail of what you are going to do before you go!  Part of cycle touring is putting yourself into the unknown, there is something very beautiful about not knowing what is around the next corner of your adventure.  I would refrain from studying blogs of those who have done what you plan to do to the extent that you are replicating a journey already travelled.  I am not trying to incite I reckless abandonment in you, planning is a very important part of any trip.  However, try and plan for flexibility – what if you decide you really like a campsite and want to stay? or meet a group of people who are going another way?  Finding your own path and ways of doing things is one of the great pleasures of cycle touring.


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